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March 26, 2013
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 The blonde stopped at the door where he could hear others inside. "I wonder just who he invited." Using the hand not holding Arthur's he reached up and knocked, hopeful this dinner would go well.

 "The door is unlocked!" A cheery accent yelled, far too busy sitting everyone down and poring their glasses of wine.

 "I never thought of having dinner with town's people before. I always ate with my big brother but after he was brutally attacked, sister and I have been so lonely." Natasha sharpen her personal knife, sighing waiting for food and looked around to see who else came. "Our loneliness wasn't helped by the Frenchman keeping Ivan busy." A hard glare threw across the table where Francis turned the other cheek.

 Alfred opened the door and waved at everyone, silently worried seeing who was there. 'Pretty much everyone affected by the vampire... This is going to be a very awkward dinner.'

 Of course, the vampire didn't know the loved ones to the bitten ones. He keep his mouth shut while being seated and prayed he didn't draw much attention to himself, but felt the burning stares of the Prussian and Austrian. 'I'll be fine. I have Alfred with me.'

 "That's everyone, Romano." Venciano declared, pouring the last glass and rushed back to the kitchen. "Remember, don't add garlic to the last two plates, ok?"

 Under the table Alfred grabbed his hand, squeezing slightly. 'I hope no one can tell how nervous I . Oh I pray this will go alright.' Blue eyes looked at everyone seated, giving a hard stare at anyone who looked at Arthur with anything other than kindness.

 "Hey, Alfie, how good is he in bed?" Snickering to himself, Gilbert nudged Roderich trying to let him in on the joke who choked instead while drinking.

 Once regaining his breath, the Austrian stared sternly at the chuckling white haired man. "Please, mind your tongue! There is a child among us." He gestured to young Lily, speaking with Katyusha and thankfully didn't hear them.

 'Really, I thought he would be a bit more... Oh. This is how he's decided to deal with Elizaveta being bitten.' Rolling his eyes Alfred decided ignoring Gilbert's comments would be the best action... Until he plucked a chicken and laid out its feathers all over Gilbert's house.

 "Oh, so good that you lost your voice, eh? Heh, heh. Hey, Feliciano, another round of beer this time!"

 "May want to make that a water Feli, I think he's reached his limit. How many was it this time, half a beer? Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to drink a full one someday."

 Gilbert promptly stomped his heel on Alfred's toes, Feliciano laughed serving two plates at a time. "I don't have any beer in my house."

 Biting his lip to stop himself from letting out a yell, he instead whimpered low enough that no human ears could hear, trying not to show that he was hurt he grinned slightly. "That's probably for the best, make sure he doesn't drink any wine either, hmm?"

 Hearing him, Arthur asked under his breath. "Is something wrong, dear?" Did Alfred already feel uncomfortable?

 Whispering at the same level, Alfred replied, his foot moving to stay under the chair. "Gilbert didn't like my comeback, it seems, that's all. Who knew his boots had steel in them."

 "I can make him be nice to you if you want me to." He laughed lowly then heard yelling from the kitchen in a mix of England and Italian sentences. "I wonder what they're arguing about?"

 "Knock it off! I don't know what you're so happy! Stay still! You're going to spill the food!"

 "Nah, it'll be fine, thanks for caring though. And Feli was probably being his normal happy self, causing his brother to yell. He yells a lot but usually doesn't mean it. Since Lily, the young girl, is here he wont be throwing curse words out like he normally would."

 "First thing I'll do when I find the monster is tear out its heart!" Natasha sharped a dagger quickly then stabbed the air, demonstrating to her sister. "Then cut off its head."

 Roderich was quick to take away her weapon, eying Lily. "Stop being dangerous!"

 Alfred tightened his hold on Arthur's hand, wishing he had never agreed to this dinner now that he knew how many there were after him.

 Shaking in fright, the vampire's heart sunk deeper in his chest, swallowing hard and noting to keep a distance from the scorned woman. He returned the squeezed and whispered. "It's ok, I have you with me." He counted off the people and noticed most of them from the dance. None of them were suspicious of him except for the doctor.

 Whispering he slowly rubbed his thumb over Arthur's hand. "Please let me know if it gets to be too much and you want to leave." His blond hair moved as he turned, hearing a knock on the door and glanced to Feli, wondering who else had been invited.

 Romano sighed heavily, pouring sauce over steaming noodles as a vein began to throb on his sweating forehead. "Who the hell could that be?" He set the ladle down and stepped in shock as the Romanian man entered the room. "I thought your ugly face already left! What are you doing here?"

 Vasilica only replied with a flick of his hair into Romano's chin, strolling to the only empty seat by Alfred. "Your brother told me I should have dinner with the people I have helped as a thank you for everything I've done."

 'If this isn't going to be the most uncomfortable dinner ever...' Blue eyes looked between his seating partners, wanting to move closer to Arthur to protect him but not wanting to be that obvious. 'Maybe Romano will get so angry he'll make him leave!' Alfred perked up at the thought, sending up a small prayer that everything goes well and no bloodshed happened that night.

 Growling loudly and muscles stiffening, Romano threw daggers at the posh man with his eyes, sloppily spilling on Vasilica's plate. "Enjoy then!"

 "Don't you dare stain my clothes!" He stood and gripped Romano's shoulders hard enough to bruise. "You should be just as thankful as your brother." Huffing, Vasilica pulled him closer, eyes almost burning. "If it weren't for me, you may never feel your Spanish friend's arms again." A smirk plastered itself and stretched across his face, playing with emotions.

 Arthur looked away, unsure where this act of violence lead. Hands found their home strangling Vasilica's neck. "Puta! How dare you place yourself higher than us!"

 "I told him, I'm sorry! It's just for this one night!" Feliciano begged his brother, as he and Roderich separated the two men. "I wanted us to be happy and he did give valuable information, brother!"

 Muttering softly, Alfred moved a little closer to Arthur, hoping others would see it as him wanting to get away from the violence next to him. "Screw that, Romano should strangle his attitude away." Taking a deep breath to calm himself Alfred placed a fake smile on his face and leaned over, speaking to the Italian brothers. "Thank you for inviting everyone you could guys, I'm sure everyone will act like reasonable adults around the younger ones, hmm?" Nodding slightly to young Lily who was watching everyone, hoping she wasn't too scared by what was happening.

 Wrinkles of pure hatred melted away once Romano faced Lily ducking her head just under the table. "Si, I'm sorry Lily." Alfred was right and hope quickly rushed to the girl, hugging her. "I just lost my tempter."
 "But I was so liking the drama." Feliks chimed in, just to lighten the mood.

 Alfred shot Feliks a grin, knowing he once spent an entire day gossiping to Torris after a dance. "You always like drama, in fact if I remember right you were once called a drama queen, did Gilbert ever get ya that tiara?" He could feel everyone in the room calm, happy he was able to help his smile became more real, leaning closer to Arthur unconsciously wishing for more contact between them.

 "Totally! It's so sparkle cool!" The small crown perched itself just as a chick did on Gilbert's head.

 "Dig in everyone!" Feliciano sat himself down and began to stir a fork with pasta but Romano slapped his hand.

 "Stop forgetting we need to pray first before eating!"

 Alfred glanced over at Arthur, tugging lightly to get his attention and flashing him a concerned look, trying to see how he was reacting to being so close to everyone. 'I'm so going to make it up to him later, whatever he wants.'

 Romano held hands with his brother and Lily. "Bow your heads." The vampire followed suit, holding Alfred and nervously held the woman's hand with blades around her waist. The reverend closed his eyes and spoke softly. "Bless this food O Lord, and ourselves to Thy loving service; that we may always continue in Thy faith and fear to the honor and glory of Thy Ne, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen." Arthur tried to form the words, but it stung his lips to even try.

 Alfred nodded and smiled, squeezing his loves hand gently, knowing the brothers wouldn't get too offended by him not saying the words, as his family never prayed before eating anyway. "And now we all eat this delicious food!" He hummed softly as he took a small sip on wine, pausing to savor the drink slowly, eyes half lidded watching everyone speak softly.

 Arthur held back a cough as he breathed in a strong scent of garlic. "I'm sure it is. Thank you Feliciano and Romano." As did everyone else, he spooled a good portion of spaghetti and savored it's salty and sweet combination. A pinching feeling prickled along Arthur's throat to his tongue, then he began to choke. The Finnish man noticed from across the table and offered a drink. "Are you ok?" The vampire quickly shook his head no, swallowing hard and struggled for breath. The food! It had garlic!

 Alfred quickly moved over to cover Arthur from everyone's eyes, looking from the food to the choking man. "Feli, did you make sure you gave him a garlic free plate? He's allergic to garlic!" Eyes looked into Arthur's panicking ones, trying to show him he was there. "I-I think we need to go."

 "Of course I did! I gave Romano the plates to serve." Feliciano explained as the Romanian examined Arthur's mouth, looking for fangs. Vampires hated garlic.

 Francis waved his fork around, getting attention. "Mine doesn't have garlic at all. I could tell since it's my favorite seasoning."

 Romano gasped to himself. "Oh, I might have gotten them mixed up?"

 Alfred stood up, gently grabbing the Englishman and pulling him into his arms, keeping him away from the hunter, glaring at him. "A simply misunderstanding, don't feel guilty. But we're going to have to go, I need to make sure he's alright." Looking worriedly at the man in his arms he quickly moved away from the table, shielding him from sight. "I-I'll see everyone later yea?"
 "I-I a sorry, Arthur!" Romano shouted and felt guilty for nearly killing the other man.

 Wheezing for his life, the vampire tried to think back of his first encounter and remember what he did. 'Water. Did water help me?' He swallowed again barely hanging onto the air he took for granted.
 Alfred hurried home as fast as possible, glad no one was out to see them. "A-Arthur, s-stay calm, ok? Everything will be fine, promise. J-just need to get some fluid in you. It'll be ok." At this point he wondered if he was trying to convince himself or Arthur, he had never felt such fear in his life.
 He breathed out, chest heaving and relaxed as much as he could. Garlic wouldn't kill him but it tried it's best. "Trust you... Alfred."
 He smiled slightly, banging the door open and hurried setting him onto their bed, running his hand threw his hair. "O-one moment love. L-let me get some blood I saved..." He hurriedly left the room, rushing to the kitchen and opening cabinets loudly.
 "Thanks... dear." Lips parted and panted.
 He returned with a large glass filled with animal blood, kneeling down he helped bring the cup to his lips, watching him with worried eyes, other hand not holding the glass shook with nerves.
 Arthur took in all he could, shuddering between gulps and nostrils flaring to breath. Slowly, the swelling subsided.
 Once the glass was empty the blond moved it away, reaching up and whipping the little bit that dripped down his red lips. "Do you... need more?" He ignored the blood on his fingertips, staring at the pale form on the bed, slowly calming now that the worst had passed.
 "No." Looking up at his love, he smiled, his heart throbbed. "Thank you."
 Leaning forward he kissed Arthur's forehead, pulling back with a light blush he stood. "I'll return the glass then and come lie down with you. I'm glad you're better now..."
 Alfred returned to the room and shyly crawled into the bed, running his hand through his hair sighing. "No more dinners for us, huh? Did anyone get a look at your fangs?" He felt so guilty for make Arthur go with him, to dine with a town that thought he was a monster.
 "Considering there isn't a mob if swords and daggers stabbing down the door, no." He chuckled. " What about you? You didn't eat much if at all anything. You should go back, dear."
 He muttered softly, inching closer to him. "I don't want to leave you though, I'll grab something later, no worries."
"Dear, I'm not bleeding to death. I'll be just fine." The last thing he needed was feeling like a child. " Besides, I'd like to be alone for a while."
He moved slow, straddling him and looking down at him. "I'll be in the kitchen then, call if you need me." Leaning down he kissed him softly, eyes open staring at him. 'I want to stay close, make sure he's ok, but at the same I know all to well about wanting alone time.' Slowly he broke the kiss, moving away. "I love you."
 His lower regions heated at the new position and his blood rose to his cheeks as they kissed. He watched Alfred leave. "I love you too." 'But I need to be alone.' As in outside, away from the village. Lifting up the cloth over the window, he opened and slipped through it and headed toward the pond.
 He curled into a ball on a large cushioned chair in the living room, staring up at the star filled sky. He knew, logically, that Arthur was fine now, but the thought of him being found out by the others frightened him so much he was surprised he every stopped shaking. Curling u tighter he grabbed a pillow and held it to his chest. closing his eyes. 'I should eat soon but at the same time I'm not really feeling hungry, maybe I'll just skip dinner tonight, wouldn't be the first time anyway.'

 Long forgotten confusion took hold of Arthur. Could he really stay hidden in the village for the rest of his life? The humans would eventually die but that meant Alfred would too. 'I don't want that to happen but I promise Alfred I wouldn't turn him.' A slap across his face, the vampire tried to think it through. It hurt that Alfred had to leave his side but falling for him wasn't a mistake, right? "No, it wasn't!"

 "Maybe it's time we leave the village, start fresh somewhere new, I'll miss everyone but... I can't loose him, not now, not ever." Blue eyes glowed in the little light the moon cast into the room. He wouldn't loose his love, not when things were just starting to work for them,

 Dunking his head into the pond, the calm waves help cool his flustered face. 'I don't want to be responsible for the deaths of those underground.' The vampire doubted if coming to the village was the right choice. It was! Or else he wouldn't have met his love. Sinking his head deeper to relieve the growing headache, Arthur wish he himself wasn't a vampire. He enjoyed being a creature of the night but he was guilty for countless faults. Needing air, he rose his head from the water, refreshed but still blushing. Arthur held up two wedding rings to the moon. "Mother. Father. Help me." The vampire whispered.

 He stood up, turned towards the bedroom and walked in with more confidence than he felt. "Arthur, I think...." He trailed off as he saw the empty room and the slightly open window. 'He must have been serious about wanting to be alone.' He walked to the bed and sat in the middle, leaning back against the wall against the bed, eyes half lidded. Playing with the scarf around his neck he wondered, would the Englishman even want to travel with him? Or would he just leave because of what he was and leave Alfred all alone? He slipped his hand into his pocket, pulling out an embroidered handkerchief with his initials on it and ran his fingers over the stitching, slight smile gracing his face.
 Should he knock on the door or slip back through the window? It didn't matter. Arthur tapped the wood lightly, returning the rings in his pockets. After twisting the handle, the door opened. "Alfred?"

 Standing up, he placed the handkerchief in the pants he was going to wear tomorrow and tugged his scarf off, hanging it on the bedpost. He removed his shirt and went though the drawers for his sleepwear, figuring he might as well change while he waited for Arthur to come back inside. "In the bedroom." He called back, still looking for a shirt to wear. "Where did that red one go?" He mumbled to himself, knowing that it had shrunk on him and thus would be perfect for Arthur's smaller frame.

 "I just needed to some time to myself. I hope I didn't worry you." Arthur watched him undress in the bedroom. "I want to know if you do want to stay here?"

 "I understood, was a little frightened when I saw you not in here, but I knew you would come back." He kept his back to him while changing, cheeks light pink. "I will go where you go, this village is starting to look unsafe, I understand if you want to leave."
 "Do you really want to though? You've been here for a while and it's a great place. Well, was until I arrive."

 "I have been here for some time, and made a lot of great friends, but... I guess its time to move on, go back to traveling like before, but with you, it will be so much more enjoyable." Slipping a shirt on he reached up, caressing and pecking his cheek. "And it wouldn't be anywhere near as great if you weren't here Arthur."

 "Hearing that really makes me happy. I love you." He held on the hand and leaned to kiss.
 "I love you too." Was whispered against his lips as he leaned in to kiss him, moaning softly from the feel of cold lips against his own.

 He blew into the kiss, pressing Alfred's muscular body on the nearest wall. 'I want more of him.' He relived the feeling from their first kiss. The heat and love rip though his body as he moan just as much as Alfred.
 Gasping Alfred opened his mouth, kissing him sweetly, releasing a low noise of need as his body arched, creating more contact between them. 'Who would have thought you could get aroused just by being pressed up against a wall while being kissed.' Bodies pressed flush against each other he squirmed, deepening the kiss while running his hands over his body. Whimpering he tilted his head, kissing deeper, bringing one hand up and tangling it in his hair.

 He gave them only a few seconds to breathe and whispered. "I love you so much Alfred." He continued pressing lips upon lips, feeling his heart free from restriction of holding back. No more hiding from his lover. Wanting to dominate, Arthur move them to the bed where he laid on top of him, kissing sweetly.

 Kissing back just as sweetly Alfred attempts to flip them over, wanting to be the dominate one this time. He leaned over him, grinning wildly, and teasingly rubbed their lower halves together. "Mmm". Alfred nuzzled his neck, licking it while bucking down into the pleasure. "How do you like being on the bottom?" He asked curiously, grinding and nipping the spot where his pulse was strongest.

 "Ah!" he gasped for a second, noticing their new position. "Oh!" He arched instinctively, not minding the pleasure one bit and returned the motion by lifting his hips into Alfred's. "Mmm." He groaned, bringing their chests and groins closer onto each other.

 "Well? I know I like feeling you on top of me, then again I also like laying on you when we sleep." Moaning softly Alfred rolled his hips, face light pink.

 For the first time in a while, Feliciano was the angry twin. "I told you to not get them mixed up. You really could have killed Alfred's boyfriend."

 "Aiya." Dr. Wang really didn't need to hear that. He liked Alfred, many villagers did but also being on bed terms with Arthur, Yao couldn't bare thinking of the two together. He cleared his throat and saw a second chance to prove his suspicions. "I will look after him."
Summary: With a vampire among them, the once peaceful village seek the monster to behead and cure their turned loved ones in the process. AU, Human Names, R-18
Warning! Main Character Death.

A RolePlay Story between me and :icondragonsfirefox:!!

England - *ShikuroxKanno
America - ~dragonsfirefox
Hetalia - Himaruya

Ch.1 [link]
Ch.2 [link]
Ch.3 [link]
Ch.4 [link]
Ch.5 [link]
Ch.6 [link]
Ch.7 [link]
Ch.8 [link]
Ch.9 [link]
Ch.10 [link] [link]
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