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Years ago, before I joined DA, my NUS wasn't fully thought out and developed when I first created it. I mean, look at this! Old School Profiles((What we have below is what I wrote in pencil on a piece of lined paper. Instead of uploading the paper, I typed it. These are the original profiles of my four OCs and all of its misspelled glory. As you can tell, there have been some changes from this to what I have written in my NUS. Laugh and enjoy.))
as of 'Margay and Kankuro'
Year 2005
Margay, Caral, Leeandra and Salise profiles.
Name: Margay Lerush
age: 12
DOB: 7/03/013
Height: 5'0
Wieght: 103 lb
eyecolor: brown
hair color: brown
spirit: Sheddu (King Cobra)
Status: Taken
rank: Chunin
weakness: Snakes
specil abitly: Potion maker
Quoat: "I dislike snakes, because I am one."
Personaily: Mostly shy but easy going
Natral abitily: Healer
Other info: She is the younger sister of Caral. She has to maker her Medicien because of her spirit.
Name: Caral Lerush
age: 12
DoH: 7/02/93
Height: 5"1 (with potion) 13"5 (without potion)
Wieght: 104 lb (with potion) 300 (without potion)
eyecolor: brown (with potion) semi red-yellow (without potion)
  It's pretty bad XD Also, if you want to read and it really began, prepare you eyes for something written horribly!
Margay and KankuroKankuro, Gaara, and Temari were in the battle arena on a balcony. Directly across from them were three girls. One was in a black cloak, you couldn't see her face or any other body part. Het name was Caral. She is with her cousin, Leeandra, who wore a blue kimono with one yellow ribbon on her back.
  Margay was the one girl that caught Kankuro's attention. She was far from Caral and Leeandra, all alone, at least 8 yards away. Her wardrobe consisted short, dark blue pants and a light grey jacket with the word オ (water) on her blue shirt underneath. Margay held an open fan, covering her face.
  Kankuro started walking towards the near by stairs until Temari asked. "Where are you going?" "I'm going to check her out." Kankuro replied and pointed Margay. He began to walk down again .Then Temari had a smirk and ranted. "Don't forget to do a sexy growl!" Kankuro was half way down then he turn around and yelled in anger. "When I said 'check her out' I didn't mean it l
Margay and Kankuro XDMargay heard a tapping behind her and turned around, in disbelief it was Caral. Margay couldn't see Caral's body because her cloak, but she knew that Caral was resentful, had her arms crossed, and was tapping her foot. "Before you get all angry, I just want to say," Leeandra began and rested her elbow on Caral's shoulder. "Looks like your little sis got her first kiss!" Leeandra ended.
  "How long were you standing there and watching me?" Margay asked. Caral answered." Long enough, to understand that my little sister just fell in love with a puppeteer. Did you forget what happen last week? The night you woke up screaming, in terror, for help." Caral was very frantic and Leeandra backed away. "I just overcame my fear, don't remind me what happen that night. He's not the same one, any longer." "Yes he is! He is still the same one! The description you gave out that night is exactly what he looks like!" Caral yelled in an angry quality and stopped tapping her foot, Margay seemed
Margay and Kankuro plot break-up,make-up,truthThe students lived in a hotel -like building. In one section there are three columns. One belongs to one team and three doors for each student. One section had three teams, nine students. There are three sections, nine teams and twenty-seven students. Down the columns to the right is the cafeteria where the students can freely go in and out to eat.
  It is there where Shikamaru, Choji and Ino were alone, fighting. Ino was giving Shikamaru the evil eye. "What a drag. I say one negative thing about a prank and all I get is the evil eye in return." Outside the cafeteria, soon to be battle arena, up the columns were Margay and Kankuro. "So it's settled: We'll meet back here in an hour." Kankuro explained. "Alright." Margay agreed. They said their good-byes and went to their rooms. Naruto and Sasuke were watching them, Kankuro walked passed the spying boys btu didn't notice. He continued to his room which was the last column, third door.
  Naruto and Sasuke were in the m
It really started with the girls in Konoha and Caral fighting.

I really wanted to tell my version of Naruto, a side that wasn't well known hence why I called it Naruto: Unknown Series. I changed the way the story started obviously. It still wasn't fully thought out but now I feel it's closer to being finished in my head XD Now there are many things which have been thought out and planned in my head and never written down. And JUST TWO DAYS ago, I started watching Naruto Shippuden. That's right, I have yet to watch all of Naruto part 1 and Shippuden (part 2)

Anyways! I want you guys to know some changes that are now being done.
- Her eyes aren't brown, they are now hazel.
- Her Fedargan is now called Akaigan and it's orange instead of red. The 2nd stage is called Isei Akaigan.
- Even though I really want to change her last name into something else, I won't because I feel like it's set in stone.
- I never really got into many details on her clan or their Akaigan so I will change her profile and get rid of some of her jutsus and change them to her clan's wind style jutsus. Like her Faia Uxingusu wings will not be made out of fire but instead wind. She will still need her Akaigan activated to control it.

- I would love to change her last name too but again, set in stone.
- Remember the puppet, Brari, Salise made for Margay? Well, it no longer belongs to Margay. She won't learn how to use the puppet. Instead, she'll help Salise to use her chakra control to used Brari. After thinking about it, it didn't make sense for Margay to have Brari since a puppet is a weapon and Salise is a weaponist.
- Her mother's name Naya is going to be changed to Noriko. It's rare to find couple's who's names are similar. Her father will still be called Koya.
- Also, I never went into that much detail of the Lerush's healing technique's so I'm going to add some to her profile. Passing Heal is the most powerful one since it derives straight from Fuuin Iki himself.

- She controls Brari. Nothing else has changed.

- I never wrote why those kids in Ch.1 of my NUS were calling Caral a demon/monster. It wasn't because of her appearance because THEY DON'T KNOW what she looks like, it's because they believe SHE KILLED Fuuin Iki. I didn't know where I could write that when the Kouinkage checked on the girl for signs of the Great Dragon, Koya said "He isn't with us." Word spread quickly of that news and no rumors and lies where told. The people of the past feared Fuuin Iki but as the years passed they learned to admire him and hearing of some child killing him angered the villagers. (I think I can still write this part somewhere in the story.)
- Now, I also never uploaded the original battles she had with Shikamaru, Neji, Kankuro, Shino, etc. The ones which Temari, Ino and Kiba were not 100% original but they followed the same things I wrote back in 2006. I made them a little longer in my uploads. With Shikamaru's fight, it was the same suit of catching her with the eclipse but there was no idea of the ice keeping her in her place. Also, he collected her weapons and passed out. With Neji, the ice pearls are still going to be what stops him (it's going to be painful) but it'll take longer to get them into his body. Kankuro is going to be defeated the same way but again, I'll draw it out longer. I have no clue what I'm going to do about Shino's fight, Originally, Shino used water and lightening style jutsus (since lightning in one of her weaknesses) but how would he have known that? Also, Caral threw the Laughing Medicine at him but how would she have gotten that?? I'll think of something. XD
- I'm going to write more weaknesses to her profile because apparently I didn't add the fact that she can't handle lightning and that she gets distracted easily. Which is why she killed those Ice Ninjas in our Lori vs Caral comic. In my NUS, Naruto is going to shout some more and really distract her.

Fuuin Iki
- Up until Naruto generation, (because that's when the dragon died/disappeared) the world knew of Fuuin Iki, at least, his name and history of being the founder of the village.
- The world also knew of a war taken place in Hitotoki, the War of the Dark Times. Not much is know of how it started or what took place but it is known that Fuuin Iki was the victor in the end.
- Kenken is a name which will ring a bell but who they are is a mystery.

- Meadazoas are natives to Konoha but they are widely found in Hitotoki too.
- I'm adding two new clans to the Land of Time. The Mayowasu-Nioi clan and the Kuchibi clan.
- Mayowasu-Nioi are masters of genjutsu with affecting the sense of scent using oils and fragrances. They can also used the oil and harden it into weapons. They have a kekkie genkai call Funtaigan.
- Kuchibi branched off the Lerush with their amazing chakra control, They infused their chakra into items from a distance, that way, they are far out of harms way.

 Uploads!!! ><"
- NUS !!!!!! (Then Lori vs Caral)
- 8 Realms
- 10 Regions
- Naruto and Choji Picnic
- Ash vs Caral
- Center of the Year
- Parents (Koya/Noriko, Taka/Washi, Kakorie)
- Dragons
- Human Juunibi and Fuuin Iki
- 1st Kouinkage and Adviser
- Gaara redraw
- IT 1st and 2nd form sizes
- Reference Sheets

X Men
- Rok Silver Fox for Cold-Creature
- Rok Red Scarf
- Let Me Out
- 2.0 Sheet
- Jax and Dru Christmas for Cold-Creature
- Roise color for muffinelf
- Random Pairing Generator (Razor Radar Bliss)
- Rok Disney Villains for atemuzuko
- Bad Hair Day

Mini Movies
- Rango
- Frozen <- Longest one. I would like someone to do pages as well >> Please?


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