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Birth Name: Midori-Ryu, Aijaku
Nickname Preferred name: Kibikibi (Given from Ice Ninjas)
Date Of Birth: 28th of March
Age: 20
Star Sign: Aries, Year of the Dragon

Complexion: Very fair
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155 lbs
Everyday Outfits:
Mission Outfits: Ice Dragon suit, Dragon horns, Ryu head band with Hitotoki Emblem
Accessories: None
Makeup: None
Marks: None
Scent: Iron
Voice: Stern
Hair Color: Black (Dyed Orange)
Hairstyles: Two crests and two 'horns', two sets of bangs (left set is longer then the right)
Eye Color: Blue *Turned Yellow from IT*
Kekkei Genkai color: Red

Jutsu Strength-
Taijutsu: 10/20
Genjutsu: 6/20
Ninjutsu: 14/20
Kekkei Genkai: 12/20
Doujutsu: 0/20
Kinjutsu: 0/20
Fuuinjutsu: 0/20

Missions Strength-
Wisdom: 10/20
Agility: 10/20
Dexterity: 10/20
Constitution: 14/20
Strength: 10/20
Stamina: 10/20
Charisma: 6/20
Comeliness: 10/20
Cooperation: 14/20
Speed: 10/20
Chakra Control: 11/20
Intelligence: 10/20

Rivals: Fellow Ice Ninjas
Enemies: Anyone who opposes her
Personality: Resentful, vindictive, zealous, over confident
Orientation: Heterosexual
Rank: Genin 10. Chuunin 14.
Classification: Missing-Nin
Good Habits:
Bad Habits: 
Weaknesses: Fire jutsus, strong fumes,
Chakra Element: Wind, Water, Lightning
Blood type: A
Weapons: An iron tail, claws on her wings, double claws on her gloves, sharp shin and elbow points, gargoyle scales.
Majoring Jutsu: Poison Storm Jutsu
Nindo/Ninja Way: "Always make things right."
Quotes: "You shouldn't use the Ryugan before anything else."
Family: Lori *half-sister*
Pet: None
Summoning Animal: None

General Information: Kibikibi is a powerful woman of the Ice Ninjas, being one of the strongest of ice control. She has multiple nature attacks due to her IT, Ryouta

*A protector is a spirit from the Spirit Land who gave up their mortality to be with a human. The protectors are known as "IT" which stands for "Invisible Treachery." "Invisible" because no one can hear, smell or see it, only feel or taste. The child can use all five senses to detect their IT. But, the killer of the child may see her IT. "Treachery" because they can't go back to the Spirit Land*

Past: While traveling from place to place, the Midori-Ryus entered in a village named Hitotoki and stayed for almost a year. There a child was born and even though she wasn't a native of Hitotoki, Fuuin Iki gave her a protector. Once the Midori-Ryus left the village, they were attacked by their long foes, Ice Ninjas. The Midori-Ryus won that battle, but the child with a protector was kidnapped. The Ice Ninjas tried to extract her dragon since they knew the Midori-Ryus protected the dragons by sealing. But She didn't have one, any dragons at the time were too young. Angered, the Ninjas decided to kill her by freezing jutus, but they realized that ice didn't effect her as greatly as they thought. After some research, the Ice Ninjas found out she's only half Midori-Ryu, the other half was unknown. Nevertheless, they raised her to be stronger and more powerful then any full-blooded Midori-Ryu. To mock their enemy, the Ice Ninjas clothed her like a Midori-Ryu. Like her face paint and dragon suit, but as if it were their own.

Other Info: Kibikibi has wings where Lori does too, but they retract so they don't get in the way. The wings on her back are controlled by chakra.

Special Attacks/Defenses:

Duration: Jutsu - Effect –

Icicle Jail Jutsu
Ice Prison Jutsu
Gargoyle Lightening Jutsu
Hail Jutsu
Poison Storm Jutsu
Kibikibi - Profile (WIP)
I have no idea what to fill the rest with. ><"

Midori-Ryu Clan :iconmaster-kankuro:
Kibikibi Me


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As you all know, I love those ninjas very much and I have been wanting to see them have another go at fighting one another. I know they did before  OMFG by ShikuroxKanno but I want to see a full on, full force battle!!
I have been thinking about doing a comic (no surprise there) of them going at it again but knowing me, I wouldn't be fair. I would like it to end in a draw but seeing their stats AND their battle I pretty sure Shino would win barely. Here's what I think. He would either stop their movements with his bugs again, have his insects eat Kankuro's chakra (no strings = no puppet jutsu) or use close combat. Kankuro, on the other hand, could inject Shino with poison, however, Shino's insects have learned how to break down poison. Kankuro can make Shino bleed until he loses consciousnesses. Besides the obvious killing each other, I don't see another out come between the two. I think it also depends on their surroundings. If they fight in a city or forest, they have plenty of hiding places for themselves and clones. If in the desert or on water, they're both out in the open, harder to hide. Kankuro on water would be a major downfall since he'll need chakra for both his ninjutsu and to stay on the water. Not to mention the fact that his salamander is too heavy to stay on top of water.

 Basically, I want to have a discussion with y'all and come up with a script I can draw!!


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